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Our Push Mission
Our goal at PUSH is to bring fitness and friendship to our community at an affordable rate. We'll push your limits, but we'll always have your back. We're a no judgement community. WE succeed when YOU succeed.

Push Limits

PUSH Biggest Loser
PUSH Biggest Loser
Team up in January for a biggest loser competition sure to set you up for success! The challenge starts January 2nd. Don't set a goal to do it on your own. We're here to help! Contact push fitness via messenger or at jessica@pushfitnessky.com

PUSH Biggest Loser Awards Night
PUSH Biggest Loser Awards Night

Single's Ticket $25 PayPal
Couple's Ticket $50 PayPal

Click For Turkey Day 5K Pictures
Turkey Day 5K

PUSH Yourself Challenge
PUSH Yourself Challenge Tracker
Join us in our PUSH Yourself challenge. Simply commit to doing 100 workouts (with us or solo), from July 1st through December 31st. Print your tracker and request to be added to our private Facebook support group. This will be an awesome way to get support to finish the year strong, and get creative ideas for workouts. We look forward to helping you meet your 2016 goals.

Running News
Running News
See our running page for news on finished and upcoming races, and to check out picture from the June Mud-Stash. These are not your normal races. They were, and should be, a lot of fun.

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